History Made at MoeChella

#MoeChella personified the excellence of native D.C. culture.

On Tuesday evening, over 3,000+ attended the #dontmutedc protest held in front of the Franklin D. Reeves Center on 14th and U street in Washington, D.C. You had to be there to experience this epic event.

Shout out to the organizers. attendees, performers, media, and sponsors that helped make it a success.

Be sure to follow #DontMuteDC, Yaddiya, DOMO, and LongLiveGoGoDC on social media for all updates.

The energy was MONUMENTAL. The 14th and U Street corridor last night compared to 50 years ago sent chills through everybody there. Legendary Moment for the city.

view highlights, more information, and the next steps of the #DontMuteDC movement 


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