LIVE is open to music, fashion, esports, and lifestyle brands looking to grow viewership, revenue streams, and subscribers worldwide

(Washington, D.C. – April 23, 2018 ) – Today, DCTOP20 officially launches LIVE, an around-the-clock interactive streaming platform that allows creative artists and live performers to monetize their brands through a global audience in real time.

Since DCTOP20’s partnership with Maestro in June 2017, the company has mastered the art of merging creative brands with their audiences through live streaming paired with a suite of real-time engagement tools. LIVE has expanded the DCTOP20 network tremendously, and is projected to be one of the foremost platforms for subscription-based creative content and entertainment from across the globe.

“The traditional entertainment viewing experience is dated,” says DCTOP20 founder DJ A. “Viewers should now be able to take more action while viewing content. These actions should result in real-time user experiences that drive sales, collaboration, community growth, and ongoing engagement between artists and their growing audiences.”

LIVE creates an interactive experience by integrating customized social media feeds, live playlists, polls, digital advertising, on demand shopping capability, and much more during the viewing experience. In addition, LIVE provides creatives with analytics such as viewing data, digital ad performance, and other key audience metrics.

DCTOP20’s robust network of global ambassadors will help curate content, and advance the platform by sharing it with creatives, sponsors, and tastemakers in their localized markets. In this, DCTOP20 will be able to further build an international audience, increasing revenue and using analytics to the benefit of its creative clientele.

Watch LIVE: https://live.dctop20.com
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About DCTOP20
DCTOP20 focuses on strategically enhancing the careers of creative artists through an innovative system of experimental marketing, digital advertising, and livestream programming. The DCTOP20 team focuses on applying creative strategies that transform brands so that they can monetize their content on an international level. DCTOP20’s global community of ambassadors also collaborate and share content in real time resulting in increased revenue, engagement, and ongoing growth for creative talent across the globe. DCTOP20 honors its commitment to community, expansion, results, and integrity.

LIVE is available worldwide on mobile, computers, and smart TVs

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