In Loving Memory: London Dior

As a kid, 21-year-old London Dior was a full-time dancer who wrote raps on the side. When she was 12, she heard Nicki Minaj and was inspired to get serious as a lyricist. Four years later, she put out her first track, and people went crazy for it. London has been grinding ever since, her versatility and nonconformity to any one genre set her apart artistically. Her new mixtape, I Am Lundy, boasts something for everyone – both young and seasoned – because every track is unique.

London was inspired by the artists she grew up with – Meek Mill, Ciara, T.I., and Rick Ross. Recently, she met with Ross, and cites being backed by someone of his stature in the industry as her biggest accomplishment yet. Ross’ stamp came after he took notice of her image and style, both of which are noteworthy. Since dropping I Am Lundy in February, London was focused on promoting the project and shooting videos for its singles. She wanted to build her stage presence by getting more performance experience under her belt, and ultimately gain fame on a national scale.

London’s ambitions went beyond the studio and the stage. After studying acting for four years at the famed Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C, London was primed for a career in acting. She’s also toyed with the idea of getting back in the dance studio to find out if she still had the moves she once possessed, and was interested in shopping her pretty face and petite figure around in the world of modeling.

Unfortunately London’s life was cut short on May 15th 2017 due to a tragic car accident. In all that she did, London Dior’s main objective was to be great and achieve greatness. Her family, friends, and fans will continue to push her legacy forward. As London would say, “when all else fades, greatness remains.”