DCTOP20 Launches Partnership with Livestream Giant Maestro

Washington, DC, USA

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: DCTOP20 joins The Grammys, Coachella, Sony PlayStation, and Revolt TV in partnership with the brand-building and performance-enhancing enterprise Maestro. With a focus on real-time audience engagement through live streaming, on-demand playback, and data capture for renowned companies and individuals, Maestro will further elevate the DCTOP20 brand by integrating their innovative software with the company’s existing mission and vision of building fan engagement — and increasing the bankability — of featured clientele.

Beginning June 1st, DCTOP20’s website will include access to a variety of interactive channels on a live 24/7 network that features live streaming of entertainment-related events throughout the world, and on-demand content from featured artists, partners and sponsors. Other new features include a live social feed and media player linking fans and artists in real-time via interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes action. Best of all, featured clients and sponsors will have the opportunity to monetize their brand through digital advertising overlays displayed to engaged viewers.

DCTOP20’s robust network of 300+ global ambassadors will help curate content and will push the network to the masses in exchange for prizes and other exclusive benefits. In this, DCTOP20 will be able to further build an international audience, increase revenue, and use data analytics to the benefit of its creative clientele. Maestro sales exec Chris Porter says, “What I see happening is [DCTOP20] essentially forming an interactive 24/7 hub for media and entertainment.”

DCTOP20 is a campaign driven company focused on strategically enhancing the sound and brand of creative artists through a present day systematic approach. We leverage label services, content curators, data analytics, and our network of influencers, partners, and students to increase virality, artist credibility, and value with mainstream media outlets. Our platform produces higher content engagement, increased income streams, and ongoing commercial appeal for featured artists. DCTOP20 honors its commitment to teamwork, results, integrity, and the upward mobility of the artist.