Artist Spotlight: Krystle Maria

Krystle Maria has been around – and making – music her entire life. Her mother routinely played classic records when she was a kid, and Krystle has been playing piano since Kindergarten. When she got older, Krystle started writing poetry. In 2009, she started recording music.

As an artist, Krystle does it all – pop, rock, R&B, and rap. She also boasts another feature that many artists cannot – a doctoral degree in dentistry. Krystle is a fan of songstresses Toni Braxton, Alicia Keys, and Rihanna. She’s most inspired, though, by her boyfriend – and producer – Jelani. When it comes to making music, they feed off of each other’s creativity. As a songwriter, Krystle’s process is organic and personal. She lets the vibe of a beat and her feelings guide her pen.

Stream Krystle’s latest single “Yeh I Kno”

Five years ago (back when Krystle Maria was known as “Krystle Meth”), she debuted her first mixtape – This Is Good Hair. Currently, she’s focused on building her fan-base through live performances and by releasing dope singles. While she builds her brand as Krystle Maria, she’s also wrapping up her doctoral residency. Once she hits this major milestone, putting out another project will be more feasible.

Krystle Maria has had a music video featured on BET Jams and was showcased in the DMV Female Cypher, an event she had long-dreamed of being a part of. Both accomplishments let Krystle know she was making progress as an artist. Never one to settle, though, she wants more.

This summer, Krystle Maria hopes to start touring and performing outside of the local area. Ideally, she’ll be touring with some of the artists she’s come up with. She looks forward to networking with other creatives, and gaining widespread exposure. In the long-run Krystle envisions #1 records, selling out arenas, winning awards, and using her platform to partake in humanitarian endeavors.

Krystle wants to be an inspiration to young girls – she wants them to know you can be a dentist/doctor, pursue higher education, and still pursue creative endeavors. She believes in living life to the fullest. Her music is relatable, makes people want to have fun, and exudes positive energy. Whether in the dentist’s chair or on the radio, Krystle Maria will make you smile.

To connect with Krystle Maria, follow her on Instagram (@krystlemaria_). Check out the video to her single “I Got” on YouTube.