Who is Panda White?

Panda White’s beginnings are typical of something her creator would do. She’ll think of the most random thing and no matter what it is, it’ll get done. An army brat born in Tennessee and partially raised in the DMV, Panda White only intended to use her signature mascot head for one photo shoot last New Year’s Eve. The reaction however, was remarkable.

From 300 followers on Instagram to 18k in a matter of months, Panda pats herself on the back for getting out there as quickly as she has. People referring to her creation as “genius” when they see her is equally gratifying. All of it has her thinking about what else she can accomplish as Panda – hosting, brand ambassadorship, and modeling are all in the pipeline.

Recently, Desiigner played Panda White’s visuals on stage while performing in Atlanta. One of his staff members later requested that Desiigner and Panda do a photo shoot together. While Desiigner ultimately didn’t have time for that when he came to the DMV, Panda was given the opportunity to come on stage when the hit song “Panda” was performed. She wound up front and center, and essentially stole the show.

Panda wants to continue modeling, but is looking to move beyond lingerie spreads. She has a really vivid, creative imagination that comes alive through her visuals. Panda envisions herself on the runway, too, but a mascot head is not ideal for walking in high heels under blinding lights. Very determined and persistent, she’ll find a way to make it work.

Eventually, Panda wants to start her own party and plans on learning how to deejay. She’s also interested in acting, and can see Panda White becoming a cartoon or comic character. Merchandising is a possibility, as well. After all, some people already use her image as the wallpaper on their phones, so why not T-shirts and hats?

A lot of people want to become celebrities for financial gain, but Panda wants to be legendary and immortal like Prince and Michael Jackson. She wants people to cry when they see her on the street. She knows she’ll eventually get older and undergo physical changes, and that’s why there will be other little panda heads running around all over the world someday.

There is a mystique to Panda — for better or worse. Some people have made remarks and wonder why she even wears the head. Some people aren’t going to understand what you’re creating or why you’re moving how you do. You have to keep going though and eventually, someone will feel it.

Connect with Panda White on Instagram (@_pandawhite) and Twitter (@__pandawhite). Visit her Web site: www.pandauniverse.com.