[Video] “Ice Cream Sundae”

Singer-Songwriter Veronica King Releases a Romantic, Sensual Music Video   for Her Debut Single “Ice Cream Sundae”

A beautiful product of Panamanian-American heritage, singer-songwriter Veronica King rehashes classic, soulful R&B with a silken voice that conjures nostalgic vibes, prompts good times, and ignites familiarity. Her debut single, “Ice Cream Sundae”, captures the essence of a fun-loving, teenage love affair, while simultaneously evoking the sensuality of a mature, romantic relationship. The music video for “Ice Cream Sundae” takes the story of the song a step further from the point of view of a young man taking Veronica out on several romantic outings. The visuals combined with the lyrics demonstrate how he makes her laugh, smile, experience complete bliss while they are together, and, of course, “melt like an ice cream sundae” from his expressions of love.

“Ice Cream Sundae” was conceived when a producer from Jazmine Sullivan’s last album, Reality Show, connected with King and her writing team through social media. The instrumentation stirred their imaginations to the experience of falling in love. After some dedicated writing sessions, King and her team were motivated to push forward with this radio-ready ballad.

Heavily influenced by the musical genius of Stevie Wonder, Bob James, Donny Hathaway, Michael Jackson, and the late Aaliyah, Veronica King hones in on creating a unique and unforgettable sound that blends her eclectic, musical taste with Electronica and the sounds of today. Veronica is an explorer, thinker, dreamer – and her music dares to touch on love, both lost and found, passion, and life’s trying obstacles. In this way, Veronica King celebrates positivity in all aspects of her life and allows her music to precede her and inspire others.

Teamed up with DCTOP20, the songstress looks forward to hitting the stage this 2017 and making waves domestically and overseas. Though King by birthright, the rest of the world will soon know Veronica King as the Indie Queen of R&B. Stay tuned for Veronica King’s debut EP, which will be released this spring 2017.

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