The DMA Seminar Event Review

Raven Paris empowered through knowledge at her third annual DMV Media Alliance (DMA) Seminar, and DCTOP20 was present to share in the movement she’s building.

The inspiring radio personality and media figure takes pride in creating a platform that “spreads love and bridges gaps” for those active in the entertainment industry. For rappers, public relations agents, producers, and those still searching for their role in the industry, the Media Alliance Seminar was the place to be.

Not only did the event serve as a golden networking opportunity for the up-and-coming, it was also a space to receive guidance and advice from top entertainment professionals in the DMV, many of whom have worked with your favorite local and mainstream talents. Malita the Mogul (PR Expert), Brave Williams (Singer/Songwriter), David Manigault (Director), Omar D1 Entertainment (CEO of D1 Entertainment), Jamal Smith (Owner of VVC Radio), and Jay Claxton (DJ/Radio Personality for 92Q & DTLR) were some of the panelists sharing words of wisdom grounded in years of experience with attendees.

The industry powerhouse players educated everyone on artist development, the importance of branding, proper PR management, acquiring and maintaining a strong team, sound quality, and how to turn your talent into residual income.

Director of Programming for 92Q, King Kelson, was also in the building. He shared an inspiring story of starting out as an intern and grinding to a prestigious position that gained him a lot of favor in the industry. He explained that his headspace as an intern was to “do whatever you have to do to get on-air.” From there, he transitioned from Baltimore to D.C. to Cincinnati — staying in the Radio One family. Finally he came back home to host “The Afternoon Drive” and The Urban Informer television show.

PR representative and Editor-in-Chief of Karen Civil, Jay Holz, will be going on tour with K. Camp next month. He explained the biggest lessons he’s learned in his career:

“I’ve learned in this entertainment game to never give up. Also, nobody is your friend. You’re not gonna get overnight success even if you see other people get what you think is overnight success. At the end of the day, if you’re built for this you’re gonna make it. If not, you’ll learn the hard way — but don’t be afraid to try.”

Taj, the leading lady behind DMV Power and head of her own consulting agency, expressed challenges she’s faced being a female in a male-dominated world:

“The industry is small. The world is small. So, I think the main thing is just not ever compromising my integrity and doing good business so I get respect from people versus having to do some things other females have to do to get their resources. I think that’s what really helped me maximize and have the contacts I have.”

Legendary Grammy-nominated DJ Scratch shared stories of lessons he’s learned through from his 30 years in music. The man who’s worked with greats from Jam Master Jay to Jay-Z because of his simple “love for music,” found the DMA as a great way to spread knowledge away from the turntables.

“When I was trying to get on, we didn’t have these types of panel discussions. My road to coming to the industry was ten times harder than now. You guys have everything now. Your generation is blessed to have panels like this. I want to spread that information. I’ve been in the industry for so many years. If I don’t pass this information down before I’m gone, my whole career was worthless. You can’t keep the juice to yourself.”

We’re all grateful this year’s panelists didn’t keep the juice to themselves. Special thanks goes out to them Raven Paris for making all the magic come together. Peep highlights from The DMV Media Alliance Seminar here.

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