IG Flex


gain new international fans, followers, supporters, and viewers
increase organic profile impressions & engagement
increase live, story & highlight engagement
influencers, competitors, keywords, fan look alike and hashtag research
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event research (venues, cities, festivals, tours, concerts)
get discovered by global influencers and executives
receive dm’s for collaboration and other opportunities
drive traffic to your bio url
final campaign report upon request

get discovered by new fans and meet key people that will support, and help you grow a loyal fanbase and industry following. instagram is the fastest growing social app right now. by working with us, expect authentic connections, impressions, followers, viewers, and link clicks throughout the campaign. we stay within instagram’s t.o.s by customizing our campaigns using data sources and machine learning. ig flex helps clients establish new fan and business relationships. we work in house to bring viewers from our streaming network to client content to help increase networking opportunities, leads, and engagement. if you’re looking to grow on instagram, then this campaign will help you do that.

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