Featured Client


In order to reach new levels as a business these four phases must happen for your brand: awareness, pitching, monetization, acquisition/exit. Not only do we provide these steps in a proven process; we also grow your brand and content daily utilizing all services listed on our company website. In addition, you’ll work 1 on 1 with the founder of DCTOP20; DJ Anonymous.

Our team will draft up a customized proposal to present to you within 24-36 hours after meeting. Once the proposal is accepted along with the minimum budget for 100-120 days, you’ll become a featured client of our company for 4 months and also receive $500 ad spend from our company which we’ll put towards the proposal strategy. Proposed budget and strategy will be discussed during our meeting.

We always look to renew our proposals every quarter to line up with the four phases of success: awareness, pitching, monetization, acquisition/exit

We also partner with clients and management teams from around the world with our core team based in LA, ATL, and Washington D.C.

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