Featured Client


Our team will draft up a customized proposal to present to you within 24 hours after meeting. Once the proposal is accepted along with the agreed budget, you will become a featured client of our company for 4-12 consecutive months. We partner with clients and management teams from around the world with our core team based in LA, ATL, and Washington D.C.

Here’s an example of some campaign items from a recent music client proposal. We also provide customized proposals for fashion, esports, podcast and influencer brands.

pitch game stream/song/video to playlist and streaming curators
broadcast content to subscribers on various int’l media apps including whatsapp
drive traffic to social media channels including twitch, facebook, and instagram
spotify, tidal, apple music, twitch, youtube engagement from viewers on LIVE
mixtape distribution to audiomack, mymixtapez, spinrilla, datpiff
targeted instagram and facebook campaigns
spotify pre-save campaign
digital radio app rotation
radio rotation
nightclub rotation w/ video proof
simulcast music to twitch or youtube audience via LIVE
visual content will stay in continuous rotation on LIVE
curate promotional & paid performance opportunities
pitch to music supervisors for sync placements
pitch packaged artist to booking agents and brand agencies
invite to social networking and educational events
song feedback and studio sit-in’s
enrollment into ig flex service
Placement on DCTOP20 owned platforms including LIVE

check your email to activate campaign after placing order.