Streaming Service


gain new listeners, shares, saves and followers on spotify. receive compensation through royalties. this campaign helps build your fanbase in tier 1 countries such as the usa, uk, and more.

follow up on messenger after adding your budget to start your campaign and to provide your spotify link and shazam link.

select the minimum audience reach for your content. please note that the final stream number may be +15% or -15% of desired audience reach depending on how the audience responds to the content that’s being pushed. the content will be pushed on the web, desktop and mobile apps until all goals are reached for the campaign.

★ ultra high quality streams from real devices
★ spotify streams seo ranking
★ perfect for big and small orders
★ 90% premium spotify streams 10% free users
★ traffic sources: the search bar, artist’s profile catalog, algorithmic, radio and user personal playlists

⏱ Estimated Start Time: within 1 hour or less!

🌏 Geo: Tier 1 only countries
[United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and major EU Countries]

Royalty 💰 Eligible

✔ lifetime guarantee
✔ high engagement streams
✔ real streams/listeners ratio
✔ up to 90 seconds and/or full song play
✔ zero song takedowns in 2022

🎯 Check results using Spotify for Artist App

⚔️ track, album, or playlist link accepted
average time of campaign: 15-90 days

for playlisting, instagram or tiktok placements consider adding this service to your cart before checking out.

message us if interested in additional platforms: napster, apple music, deezer