Streaming Service


gain new listeners, shares, saves and followers on spotify. receive compensation through royalties. this campaign helps build your fanbase in tier 1 countries like the usa, uk, and more. for additional playlist or tiktok pitching add this service to your cart followed by the service listed here: curator pitching campaign.

campaigns run for 30-90 days. real users will stream music through placements, live chat embeds, social messaging, music ads and streaming networks. we also utilize ad studio to push content globally. follow up on messenger after adding your budget to begin your campaign.

select the minimum reach for your content. please note that the final number may be +15% or -15% of desired audience reach depending on how the audience responds to the content that’s being pushed. the content will be pushed on the web, desktop and mobile apps.

message us if interested in additional platforms: napster, youtube music, tidal, apple music, soundcloud, pandora or special request.