Everyone in N8Beatz’ s family sings or plays an instrument. He followed suit, learning how to play the drums when he was eight. Later, the Pittsburgh native moved on to three other instruments – bass guitar, electric guitar, and piano. His uncle, who is a producer, also introduced him to a couple tools of his trade. Making beats quickly became a hobby and after high school, N8Beatz began taking his craft seriously.

A lot of urban producers have a background in hip-hop. Since N8Beatz is a musician, he intuitively and practically knows what role each beat plays in an entire composition. He grew up listening to – and playing – jazz, soul, and R&B music, so he also knows how to apply those elements to hip-hop, which makes for really unique production.

Along the way, Kanye West has been a huge influence on N8Beatz thanks to his ability to incorporate live instrumentation and various genres into his production. J Dilla, DJ Premier, and anyone else who uses samples and vinyl to make beats also get a nod. N8Beatz sometimes makes beats with artists’ style in mind, but not necessarily for them. J Cole, Logic, and a lot of conscious rapper you may not often hear on the radio complement the jazz-infused and vinyl sample beats he creates.

To date, N8Beatz has worked with a few local artists in his area and has a couple tracks he’ s extraordinarily proud of (namely “In the Rain,” which is on Spotify and Soundcloud). He’ ll be releasing two EPs in the near future, and would like them to come out as a package because of their ‘ yin and yang’ quality.

One EP, tentatively named Dream Journal, features jazz, low-profile, and old-school beats. Some people say when you have lucid dreams you should write them down as soon as you wake up. Given that, each track is akin to him waking up and “writing down” his dreams by composing music. The other EP has more traditional hip-hop beats with his own flavor. He’ s brainstorming names for this project, but it will likely be loosely-based on a film because N8Beatz is a movie connoisseur.

N8Beatz wants to learn how to format beats for film and television to fund his “passion projects” rather than having to work a 9-to-5 to do so. In the meantime, he’ s working with DCTOP20 to build his brand exponentially, build awareness for the projects he’ s working on, and to learn how to monetize said projects.

A lot of producers have big names because of the artists they work with. N8Beatz doesn’ t want to do it that way, though. He’ d rather be known for and sought out because of his work. Not to mention, the beats he makes don’ t necessarily need someone rapping over them to be enjoyed. It’ s not common for producers to come up strictly on the merit of their beats – but it’ s not unheard of. He expects the road less traveled to be challenging, but believes it will be well worth it for people to look for him rather than an artist he made a beat for. He is the artist, and he’ s bringing out a relatively new niche genre that you won’ t find often — at a great quality.

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