Lyquin ‘The Other Side’ Concert Review

DCTOP20 was part of Wednesday night’s packed house for Lyquin’s concert.

The DMV welcomed the singer/rapper home for his The Other Side show. DJ 5’9 rocked the turntables while music lovers filled Smith Public Trust with “301 Forever” cups in hand. Of course, DJ Drama was in attendance to support his young talent. Even though there was a hip-hop great in the room, nothing took away from what everyone was waiting for.

Fans gathered in front of the Smith Stage, phones ready to get the perfect shot of Lyquin as he took over the mic. After performing songs like “Benefits,” and “True Story”, the night couldn’t end without bringing Drama on to grace them with “Wishing.” Chris Brown’s verse was happily fulfilled by the audience, who led Quin into his part of the Billboard charting track. Obviously, there was a lot of love shown throughout the night to the hometown hero.

DCTOP20 was happy to be able to catch up with Lyquin before his club SAX afterparty:

So what’s it like to be back home to do your The Other Side concert?

“Man, it’s always love to be back home, man. It’s like a special place. The DMV, man. There’s no place like it. I love it! It’s always a special time.”

Why’s it so important for you to stay connected to the DMV when you’re on the grind and traveling?

“Mainly because it’s home. It’s the place where I first even recognized my talent. It’s the first place where people actually pushed me and supported me. It’s just always love.”

Did the DMV play a major role in your creative process for The Other Side?

“Definitely! Just the lifestyle, people don’t understand our side of the DMV. There’s so much to it. Especially the nightlife. But it definitely helped create who I am as a person, as well as an artist.”

What was it like working with Shy Glizzy on “Benefits?”

“Man, Shy. He’s never been nothing but a solid dude since day one. We had the same manager maybe like four years ago. Since then he’s never been nothing but a solid dude.”

How did working with Jeremih on “Off The Wall” come about?

“You know what’s crazy? I had the flu and he sent the track over. I was like, ‘Yo, I can’t even believe this.’ It was pretty much like a blessing. I wouldn’t have even expected that.”

What’s your relationship like with DJ Drama?

“Drama is like a big brother who, as far as what I’m trying to do, paved the way for pretty much everyone I looked up to. So to even be able to work with someone of that caliber, it’s just a blessing. Honestly, I’m just happy to even be able to be where I’m at right now. I honestly can’t even express it.”

So when you heard you were going to be working with Chris Brown on “Wishing,” what were your first thoughts?

“When I heard, I honestly couldn’t even believe it. It really didn’t even sink for like months. So after the song was recorded, it was just like, ‘Damn!’ It’s just one of those things that’s just breathtaking.”

Was there any intimidation knowing you had to collaborate with Chris?

“Nah. Never. I’m never intimidated. It’s music. But just to be able to work with legends. Guys doing what I’m doing, and doing it for a long time on such an A level…I can’t even express it. It’s a blessing.”

Can you tell us a little bit of what you have planned for the summer?

“Surprises, man! Summer time we’re going hard. More projects, more shows. There’s so much in store. I can’t wait for everyone to see the product.”

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