Join The Record Pool That Pays DJs

DCTOP20 inks high-level partnership with SpinStatz; an automated music exposure system that allows artists to BREAK their own music by connecting with nightclub & radio DJs across the world. See exactly which DJs are playing your music, the club or station name, location, and times your music is being played.

SpinStatz connects you directly to verified DJs. The DJs are paid automatically out of your budget each time they play your music and because of this the DJs have more incentive to play your music more consistently. Nothing is deducted from your budget unless you receive proof that your song was played. This proof is given by a 30 second video clip of the DJs either in a club/online radio setting along with detailed statistics including venue location and song rating.

Artists, take control of your career with 5 Easy steps.

1. Create a Campaign
2. Determine your budget.
3. Upload artwork and music.
4. Select areas you want your music played.
5. Sit back and RELAX

All DJs MUST have a club residency in a venue that averages at least 150 people attendance or DJs can be online radio station DJs with a show that averages 150 concurrent listeners. Any DJ wanting to receive an invitation can get started by clicking here