“In Da City” Happy Hour Review

Leave it to DCTOP20 to organize a happy hour that brings you one step closer to success as an upcoming artist.

Wednesday night was one for the books! Thanks to WeSpin, Shazam, and Spotify, the “In Da City” Happy Hour not only brought the DCTOP20 family together, but welcomed anyone who wanted to be a part of the “DMV Record Pool.”

Redrocks Neapolitan Bistro’s private second floor bar/lounge was decked out with bartenders ready to serve and industry figures ready to mingle. Some of our 200+ ambassadors gathered to network with each other and local managers, artists, producers, and everything else under the sun. DJ Swerve did the honors of entertaining the packed house of music lovers by playing some pieces by our favorite mainstreamers and DCTOP20 featured artists.

In the midst of the photo-ops and the exchange of contact information, DJ A made it a point to shout out new artists on the team, like Prestige (who just released his WHAT A WEEK album) and singer/songwriter Veronica King (who has a new music video dropping exclusively on Blavity; March 14th).

Metric was also in the building, as well as BigTymeOfficial, who rocked his track “All I Want.”

A lot of things come to mind when you think of DCTOP20. Being a platform to get your hustle going will always be one of them!

If you missed out on this month’s “In Da City” Happy Hour, be sure to follow DCTOP20 on Instagram to stay up-to-date on more events that are sure to come!

All Photos Courtesy of @aka_christianlecroix

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