Dor & Danye Launch Lifestyle Brand in the Nation’s Capital

Danyelle Brandon was surrounded by lots of creatives when she worked at Apple. One day a photographer asked to shoot her. She and her twin sister – Doreen – had always been into fashion, so she took her up on her offer. Since then, the sisters have gotten to know the camera quite well and birthed the Dor & Danye’ brand.

People love seeing Dor and Danye’ together. Their physical similarities are apparent, as are their individual qualities. Dor – the older twin and first to move to the DMV – is the level-headed one with classic style. Danye’ is more outspoken and trendy. They play off each other’s strengths. Danye’ consults Dor for fashion advice, and Dor looks to Danye’ – the make-up expert – for tips on creating the perfect beat.

Though Dor and Danye’ promote their brand on social media, they recognize Instagram as a platform that markets perfection. In that, the pair strive to be as realistic as possible. They aren’t out to create a façade, and believe everyone is cool as they are.

Rather than perusing the Instagram pages of high-profile celebs for inspiration, the New Jersey natives serve as each other’s creative thought partner. Once in front of the camera, it’s Dor who oversees the details and communicates their vision to the photographer.

Last year, Dor and Danye’ had a moderately successful blog called “From the Minds of Babes.” About five months ago, they relaunched their Web site and rebranded themselves using their own names. Since, they’ve been posting content biweekly to keep their followers engaged.

For Women’s History Month, Dor and Danye’ launched Womxn– a monthly segment that highlighted amazing “regular” women doing dope things –the producers, writers, directors, coders, and other creatives driving the success of people in the spotlight.

As their platform grows, Dor and Danye’ hope to connect with people who can further stimulate their creativity and introduce them to more opportunities. They also want to learn more about entrepreneurship (they’re new to this!), and look forward to getting guidance on the overall look and feel of their brand.

As they grow individually and together, Dor and Danye’ know their mission will evolve. Through it all, they’ll remain true to their purpose. Ultimately, Doreen wants to be a mental health therapist but she’s open to modeling part-time. A special education teacher, Danye’ is here for it all – New York Fashion Week, the runways of Milan, and the glamour of Paris.

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