DCTOP20 Secures Event Partnership with ‘Projecht’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 23, 2017 – DCTOP20 has partnered with Projecht, an event-planning and management company based out of the Washington, D.C. area. Projecht’s creative director, Patrice McNeill, was drawn to DCTOP20 because of the company’s overall growth – particularly in the areas of artist development and community engagement. As DCTOP20 continues to expand, Ms. McNeill will serve as an expert liaison in executing the company’s vision. “I believe music brings events to life and events give music and arts a platform,” she says. “The only way to experience the music and energy of the artist is to be in the moment – to be at the event.”

Together, DCTOP20 and Projecht will coordinate collaborative, educational, networking, and performance-based events that serve as tools to deepen community ties and build culture while garnering revenue for the partners, and featured talent involved. By hosting events that uplift the community and place upcoming talent in the spotlight, DCTOP20 advances their commitment to the upward mobility of the artist.

McNeill’s top priority is establishing a standard for the first few events in terms of the experience guests have. This includes showmanship of the music and brand, as well as DCTOP20 ambassadors, partners, and sponsors. Regarding all parties involved, McNeill says, “I want them to leave feeling great.”

DCTOP20 and Projecht will kick off a series of events beginning June 2017

DCTOP20 is a campaign driven company focused on strategically enhancing the sound and brand of creative artists through a present day systematic approach. We leverage label services, content curators, data analytics, and our network of influencers, partners, and students to increase virality, artist credibility, and value with mainstream media outlets. Our platform produces higher content engagement, increased income streams, and ongoing commercial appeal for featured artists. DCTOP20 honors its commitment to teamwork, results, integrity, and the upward mobility of the artist.


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