Build Your Team

This writeup was inspired by me watching the all-star game last week. All of these players and hiphop artists are not only apart of a game but they’re captains of their own teams outside of the profession itself.

Music game is just like football. You call plays aiming to get 10 yards and move the chains but then one day a little magic happens and that screen turns into a 32-yard touchdown.

Producers might get treated like kickers at times but every beat is a lottery ticket; so never stop creating. There’s no game without the producer so much respect to them.

Focus on Building Your Team!

Read how my analogy of music to sports makes sense to me:

Sports = Music Industry

NBA = HipHop Music (eastern conf) Pop Music (western conf) 24/7 access

NBA Team = Insert Label or Artist LLC here

Team Executives = Business Team (digital marketing, distribution, legal, booking agent, business manager, streaming)

Team Players = Creative Team (artist, producer, engineer, songwriters, cinematographer, spirit guide, road manager, security)

Franchise Player = YOU (self control, patience, discipline, health, creativity)

Game Night = Performance | Recording Night

Practice = writing, vibing, rehearsing, networking, sharing criticism

Post-Game Media = (vlogs, ig stories, transparency, press write ups, playlist placements, photoshoots, keep the narrative going)

Fans = Audience (global is your goal don’t get stuck on local when you have access to global 24/7)

NBA Fans that Buy Merch = Super Music Fans that (attend shows, start social media pages for you, buy merch)

Sponsors & Charity Events = Brand Partnerships, Public Speaking & Giveback events. (document these through media footage or announcement)

A tip from me as a owner/player/coach:

Stop paying attention and commenting and having an opinion on every public trend and what every other team is doing. This is a waste of time. Focus on building your team. You are the team captain. Also there’s different trophies in sports just like there’s different one’s in music — find your place and launch from there.

“Your team might change over time. You may realize the team you start with isn’t the team that’s going to get you to where you want to go. Regardless of what may happen, make sure you’re honest and transparent with your team. Trust and loyalty are important, and you never want to burn bridges.” – J. Supreme

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