At age 12, Young E Class started rapping because that’ s what his older brother was doing. He mostly recycled raps, but with his brother’ s guidance and print-outs of Tupac’ s songs in-hand, his lyrics began to develop more depth. When E started visiting the studio, seasoned artists taught him how to write bars, verses, hooks, and bridges.

Once E learned how to make cohesive songs, organize his thoughts, and push his emotions, raw talent turned into deliverable content. It wasn’ t meant to be then, though, as E went on to spend 13 years in prison. Being incarcerated at a young age allows E to be vulnerable in his music, with lyrics reflecting his pain, struggles, and experiences on the streets and in prison. E says he represents a different era, one where being a real individual meant something.

Released from prison on October 21st, 2016, E headed straight for the studio. Wholly focused on recording and overcome with anxiety, he didn’ t eat for nearly a week. On October 31st, his aptly titled mixtape -Ten Days – was released. His favorite song off Ten Days is “Carnage.”The first song E wrote when he came home, “Carnage” unleashes a lot of energy, passion, and pain. His first ‘ free’ lyrics, listeners can also sense the liberation. He hated writing songs in prison because he didn’ t want his music to be locked up with him.

E is focused on his new project – Bag Season – and its lead single “Get It,” which is about him coming home, getting straight to the music, and not allowing anything to hinder him. He recently went on a promo tour in Atlanta for “Get It” and shot a video for the song. While there, he hosted a few events, did an interview with DJ Smallz, and was pleased to find that people outside the DMV enjoy – and support – his music. While he hasn’ t set a release date for Bag Season, E will be dropping a few more singles soon.

While in prison, E formed a label – Mobish Records LLC – with his brother Dutch. He currently has three artists (two who came home with him) and he knows the more exposure and opportunity he receives, the better it will be for everyone he works with. Young E Class is just one plug away from fame — the right person needs to hear his music and his story, and he’ ll be taking off. He’ s ready to eat, sleep, and shit music – and have it financed. Music is his life and passion, but he’ s looking for it to be his career. He loves recording and performing, and he’ s dedicated to the grind. He’ s here to stay, and he’ s here to win.

To connect with Young E Class, follow him on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat (@mobish.young) and on Facebook.

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