Artist Spotlight: The Fury MCs

Virginia natives Rome and Andre, also known as The Fury MCs, came to hip-hop following a music-filled childhood. Andre was in a band as a teen, playing piano and guitar. Rome played string bass. Both sang, too – Rome in the church choir and Andre in a military choir. For both of them, rap was a natural evolution.

Thanks to their upbringings, the duo seamlessly pulls in influences from different types of music. They came up during The Golden Era of hip-hop (which was very lyrical), and have also seen the genre evolve into what it is now. In that, they know how to party and kill a sixteen at the same time. Many current artists have ‘rags-to-riches’ tales but coming from two-parent households, The Fury MCs speak for many people in their age group – they aren’t privileged, but also didn’t grow up under bleak circumstances.

When recording, The Fury MCs are drawn to larger-than-life beats featuring real instrumentation. It’s all about the feeling. The music has to invoke emotions that inspire them to write. Rome admires how free Andre 3000 is when he writes, and Drake’s way with words. He often thinks about Jay-Z (‘Would these lyrics give him the nasty face?’) and Diddy (‘Is this jiggy? Would he vibe to it?’). When Andre needs inspiration, he turns on Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, Outkast, or Tupac. He also listens to battle raps. Those artist, he contends, are some of the most sound emcees when it comes to mechanics, metaphors, and skill.

Rome and Andre are always creating. They have two full-length projects under their belt –Furious, Vol. 2 and Too Up Too Down, as well as a hot new single “Let’s Get It.” They’ve been performing all over the country – from SXSW to Wyoming to Coney Island on New Year’s Eve. Still, Andre doesn’t know if he’ll ever get used to people being a fan of his perspective. The Fury MCs perspective does include a lot of relatable content – social commentary, hot-button topics like sexual harassment, and relationships. Songs like “Collection Plate” and “Sky’s Falling” touch on religion and the divinity of what they do musically.

As they learn about the industry, The Fury MCs are looking for expansion, notoriety, and money. Their product is dope – they just need to get it out there and build awareness through marketing and sponsorship. Seasoned musicians, Rome and Andre are coming after the platinum plaques and a top spot. Longevity and success reminiscent of Hov, Diddy, and DJ Khaled is what they’re after. Anything else is a waste of their time.

The Fury MCs have always had their sights set on grandeur. They’ve invested a lot of effort, hard word, and money into their music. It only makes sense to be on the top-level, getting their hands on some of the riches the industry has to offer. They treat their craft the way Lebron treats basketball. They are competitive in the element of rap, but no one should take it personally. After all, if you don’t think you’re the best — why do it?

When it comes to the DMV, DC and MD are being recognized in the world of rap but the winner’s circle from VA is currently vacant. There has been some major star power from VA; The Fury MCs is the new Clipse without Pharrell. Yet, they match Pharrell’s fly. Virginia is back. They plan on making a lot of money, having a lot of fun, and changing a lot of lives.

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