Geonoah Davis – or nOvah — has been writing music since his freshman year in high school. Focused on his studies and extracurricular activities, he didn’t take it seriously until being put in contact with a producer about a year ago by his cousins who already had their own group. The producer taught him how to make cohesive songs, which helped him develop his signature sound which complements his distinct Southern accent and supports his affinity for story-telling highlighting the positive side of hip-hop.

While Drake and Lupe Fiasco got nOvah through the emotional teenage years, he’s an even bigger fan of JAY IDK, Southern legends Outkast, and –most of all — hip-hop artist Isaiah Rashad. A native of Tennessee, Isaiah Rashad inspired nOvah’s current style and direction as an artist. His debut project, Out The Gap EP, is currently available everywhere. The EP features seven songs listeners can bob their heads to, and the opening song “Start The Show” marks nOvah’s emancipation from small-town living.

As he continues his studies at East Tennessee State University, nOvah is also looking to expand his fan base, shoot a couple music videos, and collaborate with other artists. In the long run, he hopes to make a career from music and embark on a country-wide tour to make a name for himself. His family and friends remain a priority, as does the success of his team of five who have coined themselves the Valley Boy Music Group.

nOvah wants to start merchandising apparel (t-shirts, hats, backpacks, and bracelets) emblazoned with the year “1996”– the year of legends, as that’s when he and most of the people close to him were born. Together, they are going on to accomplish a lot more than the rural area they come from has offered – or expected –of them. Through his music, nOvah hopes to tell his story in his own way. An authentic person, he believes potential is everywhere. He has it, his team has it, and DCTOP20 has it. He just wants everyone to be able to fulfill it.

To connect with nOvah, follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Check out his music on Soundcloud.


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