ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Maryland Munrogue

Baltimore native Maryland Munrogue started hearing melodies in her head when she was six years old. She grew up listening to rappers like Queen Latifah, Tupac, and Eminem. Their music inspired her to start writing poetry and making music. A part of who she is very feminine (like Marilyn Monroe) and a part of her is very dominant (that’ s where she goes ‘ rogue’ from conventional gender standards, hence the name Munrogue).

Maryland considers herself bi-gendered, which means her gender is fluid. Bi-gendered is not the same as trans-gendered, and some straight people may identify as bi-gendered because gender and sexuality are not the same. Maryland is still getting to know herself, is working on being herself, and encourages others to do the same. In her music, she represents women, the LGBT community, and people who have been through a lot.

When she writes, Maryland focuses on being true to herself and making stories people can relate to. Some her songs are deep and emotional, others are about the struggle, some are uplifting, and a few are for turning up. A lot of Maryland’ s songs, though, are about relationships and romance. Her single “Speaking My Language” is a song about two people who want to be loyal to their partners but have an undeniable attraction to each other.

Last summer, Maryland released a ten-track compilation titled Maryland State Fair (she really likes carnivals and fairs). Since then, ReverbNation has requested that she license a couple of her songs to them for publishing, her video “Freaky Chicks” has been viewed over 70,000 times on WorldStar, and Project Pat and his management team has given her kudos on her work.

With the wins rolling in, Maryland decided to enlist DCTOP20’ s help because she likes what the company is doing for the community of talented artists in the DMV who hadn’ t received much support and guidance. As an independent artist, she needs a competent team. While she has performed at a few small events and opened up for a few major artists, Maryland is looking to increase her stage presence and get more performances under her belt.

Maryland plans on dropping two projects next year –Maryland Madness (Vol. 1) in January and Maryland Madness (Vol. 2) next June. In the future, she wants to build an independent label that caters to female artists and other untapped talent. While she doesn’ t consider herself a model, she has done modeling gigs (including an event hosted by DTLR that 2000 people attended) and finds that she also enjoys ripping the runway.

Connect with Maryland Munrogue on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Check out her music on Soundcloud and ReverbNation.

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