Artist Spotlight: Champagne Gang

Every member in Champagne Gang started off as a solo artist. Triiipy and Primo, who were college roommates in Delaware, would meet in the basement of their high school friend –Ar$hon –for freestyle sessions. As time went on, they decided to put their individual endeavors on the backburner and become a group. They soon added Triiipy’s younger brother –EwlLewl — to the mix, becoming a four-headed musical monster.

While Champagne Gang are originals individually and collectively, there are some artists whose mindset, drive, or cadence they relate to. EwlLewl’s style blends the bouncy, gangsta sound of the West Coast (think Nipsey Hussle and Schoolboy Q) with hard hip-hop like KRS-1 and Rakim. Ar$hon’s double entendres are reminiscent of backpack rappers like CyHi The Prynce, and Triiipy is a multi-faceted artist bringing R&B vibes like Chris Brown. Then, there’s Primo – the business-minded lyricist coming on the heels of bosses like Rick Ross and Jay-Z.

Even though Triiipy and EwlLewl bring the melodies that have become popular on the hip-hop scene, Champagne Gang loves the art form of rap, and maintain its integrity by prioritizing lyricism. With all four bringing elements of classic and contemporary, they’ve found the illest balance of both worlds. The quartet’s formula for success is rooted in their ability to bounce ideas off each other when writing, mixing and matching the best each has to offer until entire songs are complete. A hook from one, production from the next – everyone contributes.

Talent aside, it’s their brotherhood that seals the deal on their collaborative magic. Shared experiences and an understanding of each other’s strengths makes the creative process all the more smooth. Despite their connection, they still manage to surprise each other once in the booth. It’s the wide range of viewpoints on the same topic that makes each track dope.

Their first project, Champagne & OJ, is currently out on all digital platforms and has already been streamed over 60,000 times on Spotify. Every song has been someone’s favorite at some point. This isn’t surprising, as they take pride in crafting each cut, and work to bring listeners quality with each track.

Since coming together a year ago, Champagne Gang has been working to reach higher heights and build a stronger fan base by hosting a weekly podcast and selling branded merchandise. Subsequently, their content has gone from garnering a few hundred views to a few thousand. The group participated in a showcase for Republic Records, and an A&R listened to their entire project. His message was clear – if they decide to sign to a label, their following needs to be solid.

As Champagne Gang wraps up their follow up project to Champagne & OJ, they guarantee a unique sound the industry hasn’t heard before. They want fans to bear witness, and be a part of their journey early on. All people need to do is hear the music – it sells itself. If they can get their foot in the door, they have the potential to be the best of all time. “Champagne Gang” describes their lifestyle — they like to be in the mix, having fun, and popping bottles. Even if they weren’t rapping, they’d be the same way. They’d still be the guys you want to kick it with.

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