Artist Spotlight: Antone 3100

P.G. County, Md. native Antone was a shy youngster. That didn’t stop him from freestyling after school with his friends, though. They told him he had something special, so one purchased a home studio off eBay for them to lay down some lyrics. When the guys produced their first song, they had high hopes for it. The record didn’t take off, but once Antone graduated from high school, he began practicing his craft more diligently. He started doing more shows, and shot a video for his song “Boss Up.”It garnered lots of views, confirming the budding star’s potential. With time and patience came Antone’s mixtape –The One & Only, which was streamed over 50,000 times. Since then, he’s been certain a career in music is his destiny.

Antone has a unique way – his character, his charisma, the way he carries himself – it can’t be duplicated. It’s no different when it comes to his music. While his content is definitely hip hop, the time he takes with his craft, the way he uses his voice, and the way he is perceived in the streets set him apart. ‘Bipolar’ in the booth, Antone’s mood dictates what will happen once he starts recording. Overall, he characterizes himself as a trap rapper. On any given track, though, he can be a loving and romantic ladies’ man, a braggart focused on riches, or a lyrically vicious hood nigga.

Coming up, Antone listened to a lot of gangster rap, as well as Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Gucci Mane, and Rick Ross. He’s also taken a liking to new-school artists like Chief Keef, Meek Mill, Lil Durk, and Lil Uzi Vert. He contends that he can attract the same type of buzz they have. Antone’s parents are Spanish, so he grew up listening to a lot of bachata and reggaeton. His sisters and girlfriend still rock 90s R&B around him, and he credits the eclectic blend of music playing in his head with the different melodies and harmonies he comes up with.

Right now, Antone just released an EP titled Ladies First, and his second mixtape is on the way. The EP features seven tracks and all original beats. A self-proclaimed gentleman, Antone appreciates his queens and loves his female audience. In that, he is dedicating a body of work to them. His mixtape (tentatively titled Chapter 3) serves as a follow-up to One & Only, and Antone will be unleashing flows that’ve never been heard before. Both projects will be available on all the major streaming services.

Antone’s work ethic is paying off — everywhere he goes, people recognize him from social media and music videos. He’s looking to progress to the next level, and believes DCTOP20’s marketing and branding efforts will have a hand in his quest for widespread recognition. With Cardi B burning up the charts, Antone is looking to become the next Dominican artist making major moves stateside. He sees himself perched on top of the world, but also wants to invest his time and money in others.

To connect with Antone, follow him on Instagram (@antone31hundo) and Twitter (@antone3100).

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