Growing up, JahLike’ s mom was a singer and a huge Bad Boy fan – a lot of Diddy, a lot of Jadakiss, a lot of New York. This piqued his interest in music, and when he was 14 he started making songs about his own life. Being brought up on good, quality albums –even comedy albums – influenced him heavily. He reminisces on artists like Ludacris who have big catalogs and even bigger personalities that shine through in their music.

Likewise, he’ s looking to do everything in his music –from having fun to delivering a message. A well-rounded artist whose name anyone from the DMV can relate to, his Trinidadian roots lend a secondary meaning to his moniker –God-like. JahLike wants to bring back skits that make you laugh, adlibs with weird noises, and allof the other entertaining aspects of hip-hop music that have gone by the wayside. Like Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes, ODB, and Lil’ Wayne, he is eager to experiment and sees the value in constantly re-inventing oneself artistically. Evolution and touching on all aspects of hip-hop is his goal.

JahLike’ s musical presence is being felt on-line through his new single, “Cyber Grinding,” a smooth and groovy track with harmonization. A song that was released from the vault, “Cyber Grinding” has been played nearly 14,000 times on Soundcloud in just a couple weeks. He also released his single “Mental (Break),” a song he credits with opening him back up to the world after finding himself in a really dark place.

Though he’ s working on a project to be released sooner than later, JahLike wants to drop a few more singles and see where they go first. Doing what he loves – and gaining as many eyes and ears as possible – is his top priority. While he’ s chill and laid back, music is serious business for the Maryland native. That’ s why he plans on dropping music nonstop and helping to bring others’ creative visions to life. A few years ago, JahLike and his brothers – Nabu and Deemo –formed a music collective known as ‘ The Thr33’ whose purpose is to do just that. Together, they intend to open an entertainment company that provides a space for artists to create freely – whether producing, recording, or shooting videos. Through this venture, they’ ll be putting on for themselves and the entire DMV.

Connect with JahLike on Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat (Jahhcoolin).

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